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J. Holt Book Publishing

The Forgotten People of History's Mysteries

Historical Fiction Novels

Join writer Jack Holt on an action adventure mystery/thriller ride through the pages of his books, where not all protagonists follow the rules. Discover the forgotten people of history and explore their mysteries. Click on the titles below to learn more and order your copy today.

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The Tree of Life

A Novel

Anno Domini 1190-1191,

early winter Lord Robert de Borron senses hopelessness and mounting doubts as he enters the mysterious world of medieval Spain. His continued trials, instigated by Cardinal Folquet, still threaten him and his family. What solace and new clues will be revealed by The Tree of Life?

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The New Jerusalem

A Novel

The Dramatic and mysterious conclusion of Saint Joseph of Arimathea and Lord Robert de Borron's quests will surprise you beyond belief! What shocking truths will be revealed?


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